[Updated March 2022]

The AED to PKR (Pakistani Rupee) relationship is a special one because of the trading relationship between the two countries. The UAE is the largest trading partner of Pakistan and the trading of goods and services between the two countries exceeds $8 billion annually. Unlike the USD to AED relationship, the AED to PKR is not pegged and therefore moves around from day to day. There has been a trend over time as is observable in the below chart of the AED appreciating relative to the PKR. Because of the currency pegging, this is also a function of the PKR weakening against the U.S. Dollar.


On an annual basis we can see that before 2017 the AED to PKR exchange was relatively stable but has since increased substantially over the past 5 years.


Conversion of 1000 AED to PKR and More


500 AED to PKR = 24,337

1,000 AED to PKR = 48,674

5,000 AED to PKR = 243,368

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