[Updated March 2022]

The Dirham (also known in abbreviated form as AED) is the official currency of the UAE. While the currency was officially pegged to the International Monetary Fund’s units of accounts in 1978, the dirham has been pegged to the U.S. dollar since November 1997. It is pegged at a rate of 1 U.S. Dollar to 3.6725 dirhams. Because of this when we look at the historical exchange rate of USD to AED, you can see that it has been very stable:


As should be clear from looking at the conversion chart, because of the peg, the exchange rate of 1 USD to AED has been precisely stable over the past decade. This is a result of the Central Bank of the UAE working to keep it this way.

Conversion of 100 USD to AED and More

The chart below shows the conversion of USD to AED for multiple values of USD. In practice you just have to multiply by the pegged amount of 3.6725, and because its a peg, as long as the Central Bank of the UAE continues this policy, that conversion factor for USD to AED will remain the same.


  • 100 USD to AED = 367
  • 200 USD to AED = 735
  • 500 USD to AED = 1,836
  • 1,000 USD to AED = 3,673

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