Hellenic Bank is the second largest bank in Cyprus as measured by its total assets and was founded in 1976. In 2018 the bank completed its acquisition of the Co-operative Cyprus Bank, establishing itself in the process as a leading retail, small and medium-sized enterprise bank in Cyprus. Today the bank has 70 branches across the country as well as 192 ATMs. This network services the banks 500,000 customers of which retail customers make up the vast majority (474,000 as of September 2021). The bank has been steadily de-emphasizing its branch network as it increases digitization. The company has said that 73% of its customers were digitally engaged in the quarter ended September 2021. Hellenic Bank currently has approximately 31% share of household loans and 38% share of household deposits. The below chart summarizes the historical performance of the bank.


Hellenic Bank Ownership

The bank is a public company and trades on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The major shareholders of the bank as of this writing include:

  • Demetra Holdings – 21%
  • Wargaming Group – 20%
  • Pacific Investment Management Company and Affiliates – 17%
  • Eurobank – 9.9% (this ownership stake was acquired in July 2021)

Hellenic Bank SWIFT/BIC Information

  • The SWIFT/BIC for Hellenic Bank is HEBACY2N
  • Please note that this is the current SWIFT/BIC, and also that on 14 November 2020 the SWIFT/BIC for Co-operative Cyprus Bank (SWIFT BIC: CCBKCY2N) was deactivated as part of the integration processes. Therefore using the old information is not advised.

Hellenic Bank Branches

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