The United Kingdom is one of the largest economies in the world and the financial center for European business. There is a long list of banks that operate in the country. As of this writing there are 101 banks incorporated in the United Kingdom and 103 banks incorporated outside of the United Kingdom but authorized to accept deposits through a branch in the country. Below we show details for 10 of the largest banks operating in the country and further below we detail some statistics on the banking system.

Summary Information of 10 Largest Banks in the United Kingdom (in billions)

 Bank NameAssetsLoansDepositsWebsite
1Lloyds Bank£887£449£476
5Santander UK£294£214£193
7Standard Chartered£194£53£105
8Virgin Money£89£72£67
9Cooperative Bank£29£21£21
10Metro Bank£23£12£16

All figures above are in £ billions. In addition to the banks in the United Kingdom, there are 398 credit unions as of September 2021. Collectively these credit unions had 1.9 million adult members, 215,000 juvenile depositors and £4.4 billion in total assets.

Key Statistics about banks in the United Kingdom

  • Total number of banks: 204
  • Total Assets: £8.4 trillion
  • Total Assets of UK Banks: £4.8 trillion
  • Total Loans Outstanding to Individuals: £1.5 trillion
  • Other Notable Banks in the United Kingdom (Domestic)
    • Starling Bank
    • Cynergy Bank
    • Sainsburys Bank
    • Zopa Bank
    • Tesco Bank
    • Marks and Spencer Bank
    • Monzo Bank
    • TSB Bank