There are over a dozen banks operating in the Netherlands with a combined asset base of €2.6 trillion as of mid-2021. While the total number of banks is large, assets, mortgages and loans are concentrated among the top 3 banks, which are also all originally Dutch Banks. These 3 banks represented 79% of total assets of all the banks operating in the country and combined had €630 billion in mortgages and 485 billion in corporate loans outstanding as of June 2021. Below you’ll find additional information about banks in the Netherlands.

10 Largest Banks in the Netherlands (in € millions)

 Bank NameAssetsMortgageCorporate LoansWebsite
1ING Bank€ 978,246€ 304,340€ 219,401
2Rabobank€ 650,997€ 193,920€ 203,145
3ABN AMRO€ 411,778€ 130,273€ 61,926
4BNG Bank€ 159,840€ 282€ 51,914
5NWB Bank€ 108,417N/A€ 2,456
6de Volksbank€ 70,473€ 51,011€ 1,304
7LeasePlan€ 31,792€ 10,003€ 2,914
8NN Bank€ 24,820€ 16,001N/A
9Natwest€ 23,001N/A€ 737
10NIBC Bank€ 21,443€ 10,631€ 5,566

As noted above and as should be clear from the table, three banks, ING Bank, Rabobank and ABN Amro collectively has a dominant share of assets, mortgages and corporate loans in the Netherlands. According to data from Statistics Netherlands and DNB, residential mortgages represented 105% of the Netherlands’ gross domestic product in 2018 and loans outstanding amounted to just over €700 billion. The big three banks combined had over €600 billion of mortgage loans outstanding as of June 2021.

Other Banks in the Netherlands and Financial institutions

  • Aegon

  • Triodos Bank

  • Van Lanschot Kempen

  • Achmea

  • MUFG Bank

  • FMO

  • BinckBank

  • Credit Europe

  • Garantibank

  • Yapi Kredi Bank

  • Demir-Halk Bank

  • Amsterdam Trade Bank