The banking system in New Zealand is fairly concentrated with four banks having a dominant share of total assets in the country. Because of the proximity of New Zealand to Australia, some of the largest banks in the country are actually based in Australia. The below is a list of the major domestic banks in New Zealand and further below you’ll find additional information about banks in New Zealand.

These are the 8 Largest Banks in New Zealand

 Bank NameAssetsLoansDepositsProfitsWebsite
1ANZ Bank New Zealand$190,354$143,344$14,071$1,434
2Bank of New Zealand$123,038$97,139$11,378$960
3ASB Bank$116,839$102,149$5,474$1,018
7TSB Bank$8,934$6,700$608$62
8SBS Bank$5,024$4,283$65$54

All of the above figures are as of December 2021 and are shown in New Zealand dollars in millions.

Key Statistics about banks in New Zealand

  • Total Assets: NZ$620 billion
  • Total Deposits: NZ$46 billion
  • Total Loans Outstanding: NZ$499 billion
  • Total Banks: 15
  • Other Banks Operating in New Zealand
    • Bank of China
    • Bank of Baroda
    • Bank of India
    • China Construction Bank
    • The Co-operative Bank
    • Heartland Bank
    • ICBC