The banking system is Hong Kong is based on a three tier system. Under the banking ordinance, authorized institutions operating in the territory have to fit under one of three categories: banks, restricted license banks or deposit taking companies. Restricted license banks and deposit-taking companies are restricted in the amounts and terms of deposits that they can accept and cannot provide current or savings accounts to customers. The restriction is mainly on deposits as when it comes to lending there are few differences in terms of the activities each tier can engage in. As of this writing there are 159 licensed banks in Hong Kong, of which 31 were incorporated in Hong Kong, and so we consider them to be domestic banks.

 Bank NameAssetsLoansDepositsWebsite
1Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)$38,906
2China Construction Bank$24,543$14,522$18,355
4Bank of China (Hong Kong)$3,835$1,748$2,682
5Hang Seng Bank$1,820$997$1,230
7Bank of East Asia$901$547$662
8Nanyang Commercial Bank$523$293$365
9China Citic Bank International$407$246$316
10Chong Hing Bank$243$161$196
11Chiyu Banking Corporation$164$82$122
12Airstar Bank$3.5$0.8$2.2
13Livi Bank$2.6$0.9
14Ant Bank (Hong Kong)
15Bank of Communications
16Citibank (Hong Kong)
17CMB Wing Lung Bank
18Dah Sing Bank
19DBS Bank (Hong Kong)
20Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)
21Fusion Bank
22Morgan Stanley Bank Asia
23Mox Bank
24OCBC Wing Hang Bank
25Ping An Oneconnect Bank
26Public Bank (Hong Kong)
27Shanghai Commercial Bank
28Tai Sang Bank
29Tai Yau Bank
30Welab Bank
31ZA Bank

Please not that the figures shown above are in Hong Kong Dollars and in millions. These figures are also based on our estimates. Airstar Bank, Ant Bank (Hong Kong), Fusion Bank, Livi Bank, Mox Bank, Ping An Oneconnect Bank, Welab Bank and ZA Bank are all virtual banks.

Key Statistics about banks in Hong Kong

  • Total Authorized Institutions: 186
    • Licensed Banks: 159
    • Total Restricted License Banks: 15
    • Total Deposit-taking Companies: 12
  • Total Assets: HK$26.8 trillion
  • Total Deposits: HK$15.6 trillion
  • Total Loans Outstanding: HK$11.0 trillion
  • Total Mortgages Outstanding: HK$1.7 trillion