There are 1,443 banks in Germany based on the latest information from the central bank authority in Germany. Within this figure 250 were considered commercial banks and 57% of those were local commercial banks. Germany is one of the largest economies in the world, and also has one of the most fragmented banking systems in the world though it is a lot more consolidated than the United States. The below is a list of the major domestic banks in Germany. Further below you’ll find additional information about banks in Germany.

These are the 3 Largest Banks in Germany

 Bank NameRWALoansBranchesEmployeesWebsite
1Deutsche Bank€ 352€ 4761,70982,969
2Commerzbank AG€ 175€ 2685509,100
3UniCredit Group (HypoVereinsbank)€ 82€ 12631311,282

Please note that in the above, the information for Deutsche Bank represents the entirety of the bank’s operations and not just its business in  Germany. For the other two banks the table shows information that equals (or approximates) the bank’s business in Germany.

As noted above, there are over a thousand banks in Germany and the figure is even larger when you consider non-bank financial institutions. Below are some of the other banks and financial institutions operating in Germany.

  • Post Bank (now a division of Deutsche Bank)
  • Penta Bank
  • Sparda Bank West
  • Sparda Bank Hessen
  • Sparda Bank Hamburg
  • Sparda Bank Munchen
  • Sparda Bank Berlin
  • Sparda Bank Hannover
  • VR Bank

Key Statistics about banks in Germany

  • Total Assets: €9.8 trillion
  • Total Deposits: €4.3 trillion
  • Total Loans Outstanding: €6.2 trillion
  • Total Branches: 25,779 (of which the big bands represented 5,149)
  • Types of Banks operating
    • Big Banks: 3
    • Regional Banks and Other Commercial Banks: 139
    • Foreign Banks: 108
    • Landesbanken: 6
    • Savings Banks: 368
    • Credit Cooperatives: 773
    • Mortgage Banks: 9
    • Building and Loan Associations: 18
    • Other Banks: 159

The breakdown of the total assets held by banks by category:


  • Landesbanken are state-owned banks that engage primarily in wholesale banking
  • Savings banks are also referred to as Sparkassen are the German equivalent of a savings and loan association.
  • Sparda Banks are cooperative banks which are primarily for retail banking services. There are 11 Sparda Banks in Germany.